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21 nov 2020 om 19:23 Smaak was oké maar helaas redelijk kleine pizza waarvan het bijna leek alsof hij te vroeg uit de oven gehaald is
9 nov 2020 om 11:15 I'd heard good things but was VERY disappointed. Pizzas arrived stone-cold. I ordered a beetroot pizza but it was just a few salad leaves, slices of avocado and 3 slices of beetroot. No sauce. Terrible value at €17! The vegan cheesecake arrived squashed.
4 okt 2020 om 19:27 The pizza was a bit burnt, felt quite dry and did not have enough toppings. I have eaten at the restaurant before and liked it; so yesterday was a bit disappointing
21 sep 2020 om 8:58 De pizza bodem was heel slap. De tomatensaus was zuur en er zat weinig smaak de groente... heel jammer voor een pizza van €20...
10 sep 2020 om 22:30 Extremely small portion for the price. Cold and dry lasagna.
28 aug 2020 om 21:25 We hebben 2 uur moeten wachten op de pizza. Geen gehoor bij het bellen van het restaurant. Koud en slap. Dit voor 20 euro? De meest deprimerende pizza ooit. Zo jammer dit.....
26 aug 2020 om 13:03 The pizza was really really bad. When I tried cutting it, the dough ripped apart because it was that soft and it was super greasy. The tiramisu was okay but they changed the recipe and it wasn't worth the 7 euros. Small portion and not spectacular.
24 aug 2020 om 9:51 All good - perfect for a Sunday night treat ;)
13 jun 2020 om 21:54 why the pizza is not cut ?? what a stupid thing, I had to rip the pizza in my hand!
29 mei 2020 om 23:24 Niet te bereiken, 40min te laat..
23 mei 2020 om 22:19 Het eten was koud, het verbrande bakpapier zat vast aan de bodem van de pizza.
16 mrt 2020 om 13:28 Serious question; how can you run a restaurant and completely ignore the phone and emails? Half of my order was missing and I get no response from TB and no way to contact the restaurant whatsoever.